#CelebratingArabWomen is a campaign launched by Hala Ajam in collaboration with Bobolink aimed towards empowering Arab women. Hala Ajam is known to support and push Arab women to stand for what they believe in and stand out in society, following their dreams, and Bobolink came up with this campaign that aimed to highlight that message.



Women empowerment is an issue that is fairly underestimated in the Arab World. And though there are NGOs who speak about it, there aren’t a lot of campaigns that are launched. We chose to create a video that would feature a group of Arab women from different cultural, religious and social backgrounds and pass on the idea that they have the right to do whatever they set their minds on.


The art of reinvention

The #CelebratingArabWomen video got over 1.3 million views, and created a lot of buzz on social media. More importantly, it inspired women all around the Arab World to speak up, and embrace their individualities.