Ghorayeb Travel is a renowned Travel Agency in Lebanon. Its leading reputation allowed it to form a highly respectable range of clientele ever since it was established in 1992.
Today, the brand is ready for a fresh outlook on its identity. 


What we are aiming to translate with this re-branding is a youthful, relaxing and fun appearance; aspects that most competitors in the market fail to represent.
After all, isn’t that what travelling should be all about?


Art of Reinvention

We decided to embrace the flamingo; an emblem already present in the Ghorayeb Logo of which people have become familiar with as the face of the agency, and give it a fresh makeover.
A flamingo is a great symbol that positively reflects tourism and its pathway to new experiences. It also enhances beauty and vibrancy.
 Taking pride in the brand’s name, we re-created the contour of the flamingo to serve its resemblance to the letter G for ‘Ghorayeb’.
We adopted the orange color to display the flamingo, which primarily combines both the energy of red and happiness of yellow, to be associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics.