Lisboaboa is a Portuguese house that people don’t just rent out for space, but for the experience. BoboLink was in charge of revamping the brand identity.



Lisboaboa is three things: it’s an apartment for tourists, a website offering content about Lisbon, and it’s a snake embodying the visual identity of the brand, the snake being the anonymous owner of the apartment, the one that’s secretly behind the cards, the welcoming, the Instagram posts, etc. The idea was to set Lisboaboa as a good example for business using content marketing on social media platforms, and third party apps like Airbnb or Gowento to generate profit. To follow through, we revamped the logo, and created matching collateral, always keeping the snake as the center of the brand for everything to revolve around it.


The art of reinvention

The result was a mix of yellow and grey with bold colors to really highlight the concept and what the business stands for, with boards across the city that would talk about how you can experience Lisbon while hosted by actual locals.