The encircling ambition of the whole campaign was to draw attention to an issue that is still very much a taboo in the Arab World. BoboLink’s mission was to strategically elevate the weight of the initial message and create a dialogue in the mind of the consumer.



We chose to take the conversation back to the people who can pass it on better than anyone else: celebrities the audience can strongly relate to, and engage with online, and teamed up with Lebanese actress Aimee Sayah and Saudi football legend Sami Al Jaber, and produced a TVC in Beirut that brought up the issue in reverse psychology. The video portrayed the important things we lose when we take on the habit of using drugs. We also held a press conference with the presence of all Arab media outlets, and promoted the campaign on all social media platforms.


The art of reinvention

The campaign perfectly captured the feel of the message, and served as a reminder that this issue very much remains current and critical.