In collaboration with the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation, with spokeswomen Maya Diab, Nidal Al Achkar, Hala Ajam, Hadia Sinno, and cancer survivors Laila Ajam, Mirna Hobballah, and Nadine Makari, BoboLink launched #PinkStands4, the first in the Arab World breast cancer awareness campaign.



The idea was to bring together different women from different backgrounds to unite and stand against breast cancer. Since pink has always been the official color for Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October, and a color that has united women for generations, we chose to follow through the theme of the color and talk about some of the things that really matter in life, that breast cancer can take away, and things that can reinforce our trust in life, things like hope, love, sharing, exciting journeys, believing in something, etc. #PinkStands4 was about interaction, about compassion, and sharing, so we produced an animated video to portray just that.


The art of reinvention

Collaborating with key influencers that have the power to speak to the hearts of the people has always proven to be a great idea, and with a sensitive issue like breast cancer, choosing some of the best spokespeople to convey the message was a real success.