Pace e Luce was the first Lebanese beauty salon to branch out to different European countries starting with London. In 2015 the company chose to venture back into the world of video production and TVCs with a campaign entitled Roxanne. BoboLink was hired to execute the creative direction of the campaign.



The idea was to highlight the sleek hairstyles that are globally trending in the winter season, at the same time showing the expertise of the salon in the field. We decided to convey the message by telling a dreamy story of four confident, seductive women misleading their male admirers in a winter-wonderland-esque maze. Roxanne soon became a one minute film featuring set designs and a cold dreamy tone with dresses in silk powdery colors, trending dark lip shades, and an air of glamour.


The art of reinvention

Roxanne perfectly portrayed the spirit of winter and glamour and seduction in a simple way, and brought out the best of Pace e Luce.